сряда, февруари 10, 2010

The mind of a Smokie fan

Понеже животът понякога е и хубав, а и за да не загубя това гениално творение, реших да го копирам тук. Ей така, да си го имам, защото иначе я се запази, я не из нета.

* just to let you all know: I don't own any content in the text to follow. It was written by Mel Moriarty, who's used the titles of Smokie songs to create the story you might be (not) reading. :) Enjoy (I totally love it, by the way)!

'The Night Stood Still', I was 'In The Middle Of A Lonely Dream' and I met a 'Derry Girl'. I asked her for 'One More Dance' but she declined. Instead of 'Falling Apart', I asked her if 'Love Is Out Of The Question'. She replied, 'Love Sometimes Takes Time'. I said that there was nothing like 'Lyin In The Arms Of The One You Love' but 'Bang Bang', she shot my heart. ' This night was 'Never Made In Heaven', she really was a 'Heartbreak Angel' but I kept thinking to myself that love would come 'When Its The right Time' but there's 'No Rest For The Wounded heart'. I said 'Goodbye to Yesterdays Heartache' and went looking for 'Hot Girls And Summer Nights', anything that would 'Rock away my teardrops' and give me 'Needles And Pins'.
Still dreaming, I was outside this place.The man at the door asked me for 'A Fistful Of Dollars' to get in'. I handed him my money but he wanted 'A Few Dollars More'. Greedy git, I thought. Inside, the floor was full of 'Young Hearts'. I was out of my league. I was honestly 'Chasing Shadows'.
Then 'One Night In Vienna', as 'The Rain Came Down', I jumped off the 'Midnight Train'. I took 'Desperate Measures'. Strange things can happen in the 'Heat of the night'. I felt good. I felt great to be honest. I must have had 'A Million Conversations' with 'Wild Angels', girls that had 'Hungry Eyes' but they were looking for love for all the 'Wrong Reasons'. They needed to 'Stop rewind', and 'Think about the night' or else they'd end up on the 'Boulevard Of Broken Dreams'. I still felt like 'Moving mountains' and I saw this beautiful girl. She was 'Looking Daggers' at me, but something told me to talk to her. Before I did, I had some 'Whiskey In The Jar' to give me more courage. I turned to face her again, she looked at me and said.'You're So Vain'. I smiled. I've been 'Looking For You', I said. 'You just want some 'Hot Lovin'', she replied. Only 'When Its The Right Time' I said. I want someone to 'Be My Baby' and 'No Matter What' you say, 'I Wont Back Down'.
I felt like I knew this girl 'All My Life'. This was strange but so familiar. 'I'd Die For You', I said. Something in her eyes told me she believed me. 'Its Your Life' she said,but 'If You Think You Know How To Love Me' then go right ahead. 'Don't Play That Game With Me' I said. 'My Heart Is True'. She laughed uncontrollably. 'All She Ever Really Wanted' was someone who would love her, cherish her and 'Respect' her. 'I Swear' I was on a 'Runaway Train'. I was already in love. 'I Can't Fight This Feeling' I thought.
I invited her to a 'Garden Party', I'll meet you here 'Tomorrow'. 'Why' wait till then', she replied and said 'I'll Meet You At Midnight'. We went to 'Nan-Li-Wans' party and saw an old friend there. I didn't want her ruining our date so I avoided her as much as possible. I know you should 'Never Turn Your back On Your Friends', but nothing was going to ruin this beautiful evening. We really were 'Sailing'. 'I'm 'Relying On You' to escort me safely home, she said. 'You better believe I will, I thought. As we got to her front door I was gutted that the night was over, but she invited me in for coffee. We sat on the sofa and 'Every Little Kiss' was like a gift from heaven.
The doorbell rang, her neighbour. Oh No....!! My old friend from the party. Not possible I thought, but it was indeed 'Alice'. I was stunned, and when she left with her teabags, I said .'I cant believe you know her', she's an old friend that used to go out with my mate. 'I know her well 'cos for 24 years I've been 'Living Next Door To Alice'.
The dream ended, I opened my eyes grieving for the girl I was with. Lost forever in my imagination. I never even knew her name....'Carol?, 'Angelina'?, 'Mariah'???? Could have been any one of a million names and here I was back in my bed thinking of her, thinking about 'What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted'? 'How Long' if ever ,will I find that feeling again? 'Broken Hearts' suck, I thought, 'Only Love Hurts' this much. The only thing I could do was to 'Hold On For The Night' and I would dream of her again.
Then there she lay, beside me. Was I dreaming again? No, not dreaming but wide awake looking at the woman of my dreams sleeping soundly. 'Baby Its You', I whispered breathlessly. Her eyes opened. What's wrong?, she asked. 'You look terrible'. 'I Dont Wanna Talk About it', I said,..'just a dream. She held me, and said 'You're just a dream'. When you 'Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone' you love, there is no feeling in the world like it and here I was with the girl of my dreams, my beautiful Wife........'Aint It Funny How It Works'?


вторник, февруари 09, 2010

А ти съгласен ли си?

Не съм правила сметка на дните, но е вероятно да съм си била рекорда по "отсъствия". Полуизвинени.
Нищо особено не се случва около мене, малко нещо малка дупка, така да се каже. Психическо затормозяване, физическо заболяване, нерви, кошмари и недоспиване... неприятни емоции, като цяло.
И Деко е починал. Не знам дали и колко от вас го познават, беше сценограф - син на някогашния сценограф на ДКТ Стара Загора Веселин Неделчев. Тегава история, вчера научих, днес още ми е терсене. Нормално, предполагам. Така и не ми направи куклите, които ми беше обещал, но пък онези, които ми подари, когато бях малка, ще си ги пазя винаги. "Алоооу, режисьорката!" :)
Това е... исках да напиша две думи за него някъде. Просто така, понеже не знам дали друг ще се сети - а той заслужава.
Нали знаете - като се почнат някакви неприятности и те сгащят в кофти момент, имаш чувството, че само дълбаят, дълбаят... и посоката все е надолу. На всичкото отгоре, май чудото, за което писах, че се надявам да се случи (точно преди да замина за Букурещ), не се е случило - а честно ви казвам - дори и само там нещата да се бяха подредили, щях да се чувствам много по-добре. Дреме ми за черните води, мътилки и бесове - има къде-къде по-лоши неща...
Онзи ден си говорих с една мацка. Тя е готина. Опитах да й се жална много нестройно (сякаш тя си няма проблеми). И тя ми каза нещо, което събра почти всички мои объркани мисли в балонче и го ковна в стената с добре премерен удар, събран в едно изречение. Всъщност, в две. Пита ме дали знам какво искам. Аз й казах, че вече не съм сигурна. И тогава тя ми каза: "Мисля си, че знаеш. Само че не си съгласна."

За секунда замлъкнах. И те така...
Да отбележа за протокола - тя не ме познава. Не и "истински" - не сме пили заедно, не сме си изяли торбата сол, знаем се на "здравей" в "риъла". И при все това - случайно или не (да отдадем заслуженото на възможността за намеса на случайността, все пак), формулира една твърде... знам ли... интимна истина за мен.

Оставяйки настрана отчасти шеговитото измъкване "искам всичко и го искам веднага", аз наистина знам какво искам. И не съм съгласна със себе си. А вие знаете ли какво искате? И, най-вече, съгласни ли сте?

Ей това е. Да пием за екзистенцията, колеги!
А сега отново... се уча... да се съгласявам... със... себе си. Но не само на думи.
И мъничка вметка: ако не сте гледали "Шерлок" - задължително! Светнаха ми дните покрай тоя филм.