четвъртък, юли 31, 2008

A Good Woman (отново)

Нещо не ми се спи ("Кола", да), та се сетих за едно обещание... за един диалог, който знам наизуст от слушане, гледане, премисляне. Заедно с онзи монолог на Крис Уолкън от "Илумината" (някога ще го разпиша и него, обещавам), най-добрите думи, изричани във филм:

- You like it?
- Food is the rock on which we build.
- No love is pure and simple as the love of food.
- Love is rarely pure, Lord Augustus. And never simple.
- I don't think you've been in love, Mrs Erlynne.
- You may presume to call me Stella... but don't presume to know my heart. For your information, I'm always in love.
- Good. Excellent attitude. And you're beautiful. Smart, too. Smarter than me, I expect, but... that's not saying much, I'm afraid. No, I think I'll do very well to marry you.
- How very practical.
- I've begun too many romances out of sentiment. They always end in settlement.
- I could listen to you all night, Lord Augustus.
- Tuppy, please. You'll think about my offer?
- Men don't marry women like me.
- There aren't any women like you. At least, not among the women I've met, and I've met my share.
- I was married - I didn't take to it.
- People change. You might feel differently.
- When I think of it, I think of a room... where you can't open a window. Where there is no window. Every day you wake up and the room is smaller. You don't notice, not at first. It happens slowly. In inches. Then one morning, you open your eyes... and the room is so small... you can't move. You can't take a breath. You have to get out. You can't think of anything else. Or anyone else.
- You married the wrong man, that's all.
- He married the wrong woman. It's late. It's time for bed. Sleep.
- "... Perchance to dream". That's the bard, you know. I'm a bit of a reader myself.
- So you said. Goodnight, Tuppy. (той опитва да я целуне) I hate the taste of tobacco.
- Well - that's it then (пали цигара, дръпва веднъж). I quit. On the spot. (гаси цигарата) What else can I tell you? I'm a very rich man, you know...
- You're a very nice man. Go to bed.
- (тръгва и се връща) You know, I'm glad I quit. Filthy habit, really. Goodnight.